Creative Brick Umbrella Stand by PEDRALI

Creative design is all about taking a product and make it more useful,smart, and of course more beautiful. This smart stand was designed by PEDRALI  “We have designed an umbrella stand, featured by a pure volume, with the aim of containing in a tidy way and in the smallest possible space. Brick is a practical object for rainy days as well as a modular piece of furniture for all the other days of the year.” creative design Brick umbrella stand 2 When it comes to houses storage I think that you have 2 choices, either to just store or you can store with style, and there is no doubt that this Brick will store in style your umbrellas. I just love when designers transform an object that we usually see in one place, a LEGO brick, and give it a whole new meaning.  The “Brick” is made from rotomoulding polyethylene and comes in white, light gray, orange, blue, yellow and green.