Awesome Harry Potter Stuff For Witches and Muggles Alike

If you haven’t watched the Harry Potter movies or read the books at some point, chances are you are still living under a rock. Well, get yourself out from the rock, read the books, watch the movies, and get ready for some fun Harry Potter swag. I have compiled a brief but entertaining list of Harry Potter items that any fan would be happy to have. Almost any fan, that is, the Harry Potter toilet seat might be a bit much for some.

Harry Potter Wands

No wizard worth his salt travels without a wand, so why not make sure you have the best of the best. You can choose the wand from any of your favorite heroes and/or villains, each with its own distinct shape and charm. Best of all, the wands aren’t simply for show, they also provide some functionality in mimicking spell effects. When you click a button on the bottom of the wands, you can actually see the effect of the spell you have decided to cast. Similar to the movie, but probably not nearly as effective or flashy. These Harry Potter wands are a must-have for any serious fan out there.

Harry Potter 8-bit Game

The Harry potter games were well received by younger gamers but lacked the depth and precision that older gamers have come to expect. The one exception to that would be the Harry Potter Lego games, which have been fun for just about anyone who can pick up a controller. Why not go for some old time fun then with this 8 Bit Harry Potter game. Now you can explore the world from a new perspective, much akin to the original Final Fantasy. Sometimes, older is better.

Harry Potter, the Pooch Who Lived

Is it torturing your pet to dress them up like a nerdy looking wizard? The question is certainly worth asking. I don’t think I could get my cat to put on those Harry Potter glasses, so kudos to the obedient dog here. The Pooch Who Lived is certainly a cute tribute to the franchise, at any rate.  I hope he enjoys his time at Dogwarts, maybe that’s next in line after the Deathly Hallows wraps up.

Harry Potter Pillows

While personally, I wouldn’t jump at the chance to sleep on top of Harry Potter’s face, I am sure there are enough fans out there who disagree.  This set of Harry Potter Character Pillows include all of your favorites from the books, including Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Not a bad day’s work for your average etsy shop owner, if I do say so. Since these are handmade, you are probably out of luck if you ask for thread count and the stuffing contents, but maybe the designer would be happy to oblige.

Harry Potter Amigurumi

If you are looking for a little more variety than what the pillows can provide in terms of characters, not to worry. These Harry Potter Amigurumi dolls contain a much wider variety, and the list expands out to include the main villains as well.  Severus Snape is included along with the Weasley twins, so why not have all of your characters with a happy home. I think the full set for any fan would include these dolls surrounding the your pillows at night. If you are going to embrace Harry Potter madness, you might as well go all out, am I right?

Harry Potter Toilet Seat

At last we come to it, the ultimate in Harry Potter Fandom. I know that sounds like an outrageous statement, but only a true fan would actually want to decorate his or her porcelain throne with the likeness of just about every Harry Potter character from the movie. This Harry Potter toilet may give you some odd looks from your friends and family, but one too many cracks about your awesome toilet seat and you can go ahead and erase their memory. Just make sure you don’t make the common mistake of using a busted wand to do so. I hear sometimes that doesn’t work out well, it ends up backfiring, and then you are stuck without any memories. That’s what I have heard, anyway, it may or may not be true.