Sweet Treats for Every Geek

Whether you are an integrated part of nerd culture or not, chances are you enjoy the occasional sweet treat. I have seen a wide array of nerdy references in a number of pastries, cakes, ice cream, muffins. You name it, and someone, somewhere, has made a cake out of it. Geeky candy themes are a great way to express your love for a particular game, character, or movie. Here are some of my personal favorites that I think you will enjoy, too!

Gaming Controller Candy

Sometimes, we all need a mint. Whether you just ate a delicious smoked salmon or you were chowing down on garlic bread while drinking coffee, it is always nice to have a mint on hand for some quick refreshment. What better way to store your mints than with these gaming peripheral candy boxes? I can’t think of one, and you have a nice variety to choose from.  You can go fairly old school with the original Nintendo controller, an easily referenced question mark box from Super Mario Bros, or the tried and true Atari controller. Unlike the original Atari controllers, which were prone to breaking and wearing out rather easily, this candy box will likely last as long as you want to have it around.

Do It Yourself Sushi Shaped Candy

Sure, the concept of sushi candy really doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but the key concept here is that this candy is sushi “shaped,” rather than constructed from raw fish. The Do It Yourself Sushi Shaped Candy kit comes from Japan, shockingly, and the idea here is that you mix together a number of different sugars, gelatin, and coloring to create the sushi replicas. Seaweed, for example, is made from a strip of stretchy, soft candy that you can then rap around a more solid piece to complete the look of nori seaweed. Bizarre in concept but fun in execution.

Han Solo Frozen in Chocolate Carbonite

It seems like poor Han just can’t catch a break. The iconic scene from the Empire Strikes has been recreated in a number of formats, from soap to throw blankets. If you always thought you could just eat Han Solo up, now is your chance! Before you bite into poor Han, though, you should know the recipe calls for something a little unusual. Chocolate and peanut butter Han Solo I can definitely get on board with, but bacon? That’s right, bacon is squished inbetween the delicious candy goodness. Not for the faint of heart.

Wall-E Pinata

So not everyone loves the movie, but this Wall-E Pinata should please critics and fans alike. If you liked the movie, this is an interesting way to express your appreciation. If you were not a fan, well just think of it as having an opportunity to smash Wall-E open and eat his delicious candy insides. That is what I define as a win-win situation.

Candy Floss Maker

Sooner or later, it will probably strike you as a good idea to capture the carnival experience in your very own home without the constant need to spend money on crappy prizes and rigged games. Thankfully, this candy floss maker comes to the rescue! If you’re curious, candy floss is actually a predecessor of sorts to the now commonplace cotton candy. It was prepared by melting sugar and using forks to make strings, which were then served as a dessert. They should now be mistaken for the dental tool of the same name, as flossing your teeth with candy sounds like a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Hello Kitty Pez Dispensers

I don’t think I have ever met a person who doesn’t love Hello Kitty. They may have no idea where the character is from, but at the very least I can squeeze a “That’s cute” out of them. Why not show off your love for Hello Kitty, then, in candy form, with these Hello Kitty Pez dispensers. They are glossy, shiny, and dispense delicious if chalky flavored pieces of candy whenever you like! What’s not to love here?

Angry Birds Cake

Speaking of things that just about everyone loves, this now-famous mobile app has been redone endlessly, from giant plush angry birds to seasonal games. Now, you can have your Angry Birds Cake and eat it, too.