Geek is Chic: 6 Nerdy Necklaces

For night on forever, jewelry has been used to express our own personal tastes as well as tokens of affection for those that we care about. Necklaces provide an additional extension of this idea, and if you happen to be a geeky girl who loves nerdy fashion, why not show it off? I have compiled a short list of necklaces that any nerd should be proud to own. Or give to someone you know would enjoy it, depending on your preference.

Key To My Heart Necklace

I’m not entirely sure why, but I always thought there was something inherently awesome about vintage keys. Those large, well crafted little pieces of metal have been used as a symbol for some time, but the idea has never gotten old to me. I would love to have a giant chest filled with precious things and a key to it worn around my neck. Well minus the chest, this Key to my Heart necklace fits that bill perfectly.The key on the necklace is authentic and measures 1.5 inches in length. The heart is crafted from brass, along with a fuchsia Lucite bead stone the originates from Germany. To top it off, the key is then placed on a brass chain that uses 18 inch links and looks like an expensive antique wherever you go. Where do I sign?

Butterfly Wing Necklace

Speaking of symbols that have been used for a long time, consider the butterfly. These butterfly wing necklaces look like the elegant fliers of the insect world, including foldable wings so that you can easily fit them into bags or purses. Each piece looks a lot like the genuine article, but a wide number of color schemes are available. Find one that’s right for you and go with it, especially for the Summer season.

Apple of Your Eye Pendants

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but these “Apple of your Eye” Pendants are designed to last a lifetime. These pendants are constructed from a fine powder of pure metal that is then mixed with a binder. The material can then be molded/crafted to the desired shape, in this case a fantastic looking necklace. Once prepared, the item is fired in a kiln, which leaves the final product as pure silver. Pretty impressive in terms of methodology, if I do say so. Even if you don’t love eating apples, you should be able to find some appreciation for these wonderfully crafted pieces somewhere along the way.

Female USB Necklace

Now we come to a really nice necklace of the geeky variety. The female USB necklace gives you the ultimate icon of girl power and the ability to pull things off of your hard drive in a flash. The symbol necklaces are created in two iterations: 2gb and 16gb. If you want to make it a pair, you can get your presently significant other the male symbol necklace as well.

Snazzy MP3 Player Pendant

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear a fashionable piece of jewelry that also had the simultaneous function of playing your favorite songs? Now you can do just that with this snazzy pendant that also hides an mp3 player. At the very least you can’t argue that they aren’t flashy


and even if the style seems lukewarm to you, consider that you will be able to play music even if your files are in MP3 or WMA format. The necklace is also surprisingly light, weighing in at a comparatively low 56 grams.

Pink Heart USB Necklace

It would appear that necklaces provide a great opportunity to embed small pieces of gadgetry. If an MP3 player doesn’t sound like it would be up your alley, considering breaking your heart open for this pink heart USB necklace. Sporting a 4GB storage capacity and a price tag that is very manageable, there really isn’t much to dislike here. Given the fact that I tend to lose my USB flash drives no matter where I seem to store them, having them attached to a necklace seems likeĀ  a fantastic idea. Whether you purchase this nice little piece for yourself or for someone special, you really can’t go wrong. Go get one!