Apple of Your Eye Pendants

The forbidden fruit returns in another form…as beautiful and classy pendants that are as irresistible as the Apple fruit itself was to Adam in the first days.

silver apple pendant

These beautiful Apple pendants are made by DestinyCreations using Art Clay Silver b , which is basically fine powder of pure metal that is mixed with a binder.  The material is thus pliable like clay and the articles can be molded or crafted into the desired shape by hand. Once the product is ready, it then has to be fired in a klin, at which time the binder burns away leaving behind metal that’s 0.99% pure silver.

silver apple pendants

These pendants were made the same way, crafted with love and patience before being baked. They are then polished to give them the shine and satin look. The color on the pendants are from resins of red and green. One measures 2.2cm in height and 1.8 cm in width,while the other an inch and these lovely pendants are  held by an 18 inch long chain of sterling silver.

The whole process, time and effort involved in making this makes it special, and most definitely the fact that it is totally made by hand would make it unique, the only piece that’s this one.