Unconventional Fitness Equipment

Just about everyone is looking for a quick, easy way to stay in shape. Unfortunately, I have news for you: Staying shape simply isn’t that easy, and the bottom line is you need to burn off more calories than you take in for it to work properly and to start losing weight. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some funa nd interesting ways to get that calorie burn going, however. Here are some unconventional pieces of exercise equipment that you may not have though of before.

Wobble Board

I did a double take when I first set my eyes on this device. Admittedly, it looks a lot like a flying saucer, and if someone told me I have the option of wobbling the pounds off, you could color me skeptical. While the number of calories burned is likely questionable, it still has its uses. The Wobble board is designed to help you build up your core and work on your balance, both important issues if you want to stay happy and healthy.

Energy Sport

Often times you may find yourself on a stationary bike, endlessly pedaling away working toward a better you, when you think to yourself: “I’m burning a whole lot of energy for no particular reason.” Well, now the Energysport can step in and help you power whatever device you like by harvesting your kinetic energy and turning your body into a power plant! The device fits snugly onto the wheels of your bike, and any energy you generate can be tucked away for use charging cell phones, digital cameras, or even your Wiimotes. The real question, of course, is just how much energy you can manage to generate while you are out and about pedaling. If it is enough to charge your phone for a full shot, then it could be worth it. If you need to pedal for 3 hours for 15 minutes of charge time, then I will probably pass.

Canine Treadmill

You aren’t the only one in your house that could use the exercise, and if you are feeling particularly lazy, you may not want to take them out for a walk again. Instead, you could always toss them on the canine treadmill, which will give your puppy or dog a healthy workout and keep them going strong for years to come. As you might expect, though, treadmills do not come cheap, so give this some serious thought before you decide to opt for this piece of pet machinery.

Underwater Treadmill

As you have probably noticed, movement underwater is much more difficult than on land, but it also poses interesting challenges for your body. Aquatic exercises have been made famous largely for elderly folk who need to get exercise but can’t handle the strenuous, high impact activities such as running or jump rope. Instead, exercising under the sea like this underwater treadmill makes your body work hard without putting much stress on your joints. You’ll be huffing and puffing doing activities that would be a snap on land.

Second Life Virtual Exercise

If you have ever given exploring Second Life a go, you probably noticed a number of unsavory activities available to you.¬†Yet for all of its infamous reputation, there are a number of genuinely interesting things to do in the world. I highly recommend a much more thorough sweep of the popular destinations, and be sure to look up Tech Warfare as well. Fantastic game, if I do say so. If you are looking for ways to collaborate with Second Life while getting your daily workout in as well, consider exercising within Second Life. This can be accomplished via a stationary bike with a number of sensors attached to it, including the front wheel and handlebars. Dubbed “ET,” this handy device lets you fly throughout the world of Second Life while pedaling away in the real world as well. The experience would be truly unique, given the incredible and odd landscapes and structures the denizens of the world have managed to put together. I’m not sure it’s something I would invest a significant amount of money in, but it definitely sound like a lot of fun and an easy to way to burn some extra calories.