Energysport – To Harness Energy from Bike Wheels to Power Gadgets

This Energysport is an energy generator that harvests kinetic energy, and converts it into electricity. See, that’s how technology changes our lives and takes us towards betterment. This is how good we can get! Imagine having this thing on your wheels, and converting all the kinetic energy into electricity.

Hats off to the designer Fillpe Lima who actually came up with this concept, and eventually, created the product.

This little thing can be attached to the wheels of your bicycle. It will suck in all the kinetic energy, and convert it into electricity that can actually be used straightaway. Also, you can even remove the device once you are done with the purpose. It’s not like the device will be there forever. It is an easily attachable and easily removable device. Moreover, the electricity stored in the device can also be used to recharge your cellphone, digital camera, and any other portable rechargeable gadget. Isn’t that cool? For sure that is! At least, you will cut down some from the electricity bill, and it will be easier for you to charge your gadgets on your way. It’s not only an environmental friendly way of consuming energy, but it is also a great way of sporting. Maybe we should call it the 21st century way of cycling.

This device is especially great for long cycling tours with several intervals. You can easily store the energy and recharge it in an interval.

Can it affect your speed or performance?

Don’t even think that way! The device is light and small, so it won’t be a hindrance in your way to success. While it is on your wheels, others would think that it’s some sort of a speed enhancer, you can show them how it works, and impress them as well.

I personally think this is the next best thing for every cycling enthusiast to have. If your cellphone battery or your iPod battery dies, take a break and recharge it! That’s probably the most creative thing we have seen this summer. Again, hats off to Fillpe!

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Via: Ecofriend