The Heart USB HUB

The best and the most lovable shape in the world – the heart shape, especially for the ladies. Though they do look like cute, heart-shaped pendants, they are actually heart shaped USB hubs with four ports, that can be used. Take a closer look…

usb hub shaped like heart

There you have it, the best USB hub any girl can have. It is trendy, looks extremely glamorous and colorful. It is a USB 2.0 hub, and is also compatible with 1.1, functional with all the operating systems. I would definitely like to have one of these USB 4 port hub hearts, which weigh just 35 g. Wouldn’t you?

heart shaped usb hub

If you are a Heart lover, then you may also enjoy the Heart USB Necklace that is a practical fashion necklace.

cool usb hub like heart

Product Via: Geeky-gadgets