Women Makeup Gadgets

Nothing speaks women’s gadgets more than a gadgety make up kit, and through the years there have been many of them starting from the 50s. There is just something about a makeup kit that opens in about 500 different ways that makes you feel like you have been transported to some kind of space age make-up room, or maybe something even cooler. In this article, I would like to show you a few of the more modern gadgets that seem to me quite amazing.

Before I begin, I must show you a picture of the Revlon’s Custom Eyes eyeshadow kit. This kit used to be made in the 80s, and is totally uber cool!! At first glance, you may think that this is just another eyeshadow kit, but in reality, it is truly way more than that. You can actually open up the kit and replace the eyeshadow colors with different ones that were sold separately. Unfortunately, nobody makes them anymore, and all that remains is an old magazine ad.

revlon eyeshadow makeup kit

revlon custom eye shadow makeup kit

The first one is the Sephora Deluxe Palette, which is quite a buy I must say. This kit has it all, and the best part is, it has about three different layers, which is quite cool. Unfortunately this isn’t exactly travel material, but who really cares? Take a look at the Sephora kit. By the way, it’s kind of a collector’s item…

sephora delux makeup packet

Of course, there are other companies too that make make-up kits that can be opened in a number of different ways, and the next on our list is the BR Makeup Kit this kit is truly complete with eye makeup, blush, lipstick and face powder. The best part about this kit is that it is even portable, and of course, like every other kit featured in this article, it has a million different ways by which it can be opened.

complete makeup palette kit

For a makeup kit that you can carry in your purse for emergency touch ups, you should probably go with the Cameleon BR Make Up Kit. With the risk of sounding like an advertisement, I will say that this kit is the perfect addition to any woman’s purse, and holds eyeshadows, blush and gloss.

complete makeup kit for women

Mary Kay is another leading brand that produces a makeup kit that has the added advantage of being completely customizable. I think this is quite cool, although it does work out to be a bit expensive. Though this is not as cool and gadgety as the others, have a look at it anyway.

mary kat makeup palette kit

The final makeup kit on our list is imho the coolest looking one of the lot. It truly looks like a case of the UFO meets makeup (who know, maybe they’ll make a movie out of it next?). This make up kit actually looks like its alive and it’s out to get you (or maybe not, who cares, it’s fun to think so anyways). Enough introduction, meet the Malibu Glitz Make Up Color Kit. Be scared, be vewy vewy scared…. Buwahahahaha!!!

malibu glitz makeup kit

Beyond cool n’est-ce pas?

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