Amcor Refrigerator Chair Design

Take a look at the picture above and think of something it reminds you of. Yes, it does look very familiar to our refrigerators at home, well, because it is a refrigerator. Designers Yinnon and Danit Simhi were inspired to make these Amcor chairs from old, used refrigerators which were redesigned to make these awesome looking chairs.

amcor refrigerator chair design

This set of a chair and a stool is made out of a single refrigerator. I have to admit, it does look very inviting and comfortable, especially to people who have their laptops to carry around everywhere. You could sit in the chair, stretch out your legs on the stool and have the laptop on your lap and work for several hours without hurting your back. Who says chairs have to be conventional looking all the time?

And not only that, if these Amcor chairs are in the market then it would be easier to recycle those old, worn out refrigerators. It is definitely a genuine eco-friendly idea and design.

Via: Unplggd