Hello Kitty Taser

Before I begin, I must mention that this gadget is a fake, but I decided to write about it because it was too good to be true…especially for girls who are just crazy for Hello Kitty accessories.

hello kitty taser

Now imagine this: You’re walking down a lonely dark alley on a rainy night and there is nobody in sight except for spooky shadows and little scraping noises. You are all alone and trying to walk down the alley as fast as you can hoping that you get out alive. Suddenly someone jumps out from in front of you and attempts to mug you. You quickly reach into your purse (or pocket, or whatever) and pull out something pink with a hello kitty on it. The assailant begins to take you less seriously than he did before. You point it at him (or her) and he (or she) begins to laugh… Then ZAP!!! All that’s left of the guy (or girl) is a writhing mass on the floor, and you (person and possessions intact) step over this person and proceed on your way…

None of this would be possible without the Hello Kitty taser, which is why it is such a shame that it is a fake.

Since it is a fake, I can only hope that someone will read this post and decide to make one. (If you do, be sure to send me one :D)

For real Hello Kitty items, which are not as menacing, check out the geeky Hello Kitty Lunchbox or the Hello Kitty Cameras.

Via: Crunch Gear