Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition Monopoly Board Game for Young Fans

Millions of young fans around the globe love Hello Kitty and wide range of Hello Kitty products and merchandise.  Here is Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition of popular board game Monopoly for all Hello Kitty fans. Monopoly board game enjoys huge popularity all over the world and the game can be customized depending on the context. Here one can hop over and trade Hello Kitty’s favorite haunts all over London and even tokens are Hello Kitty’s popular items.

Hello Kitty Collector Edition Monopoly1

It is very difficult to assess how much role marketing through merchandise play in making video games and fictional animation characters like Hello Kitty popular. Or is it other way round? That is, line of products sells because of the popularity of the character. Whatever it is, cute Hello Kitty and all her products are always sold out affair. This Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition of Monopoly Board Game bears testimony to this fact.

Hello Kitty Collector Edition Monopoly2

One can get a glimpse of Hello Kitty’s world through this board game. In this Monopoly game one can buy, sell or trade all London locations, the home town of Hello Kitty. The cute tokens are nothing but the all time Hello Kitty favorite items like Bow, Milk Bottle, Lunchbox, Teddy, Fish Bowl and Three Apples.

Hello Kitty Collector Edition Monopoly3

Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition Monopoly board game costs $35.00. If you are planning to invite friends over for a game then you may like to bake Hello Kitty Cupcakes or Hello Kitty Cake to celebrate the occasion.