PMMA Photo Frames Might Substitute Digital Photo Frames

When digital cameras became a huge hit, no one must have predicted that the good old film-roll cameras would have a silent demise from people’s mind.

But when digital photo frames came to fore, the extinction of paper photos and the days of photo albums was absolutely certain. And now people find it hard to remember how they used to store their photos prior to the arrival of the digital age.

The digital way of capturing and storing photos might be the best way to retain your memories but it is definitely not the happiest way. Remember the rush that we used to get when photos used to come from the printers’ and the euphoria that filled us on seeing the pictures? That somehow has seemed to have lost among the digital age. Taking photo to storing it in your digital frames takes less than ten minutes and once you’re done you hardly even give it one more look. Digital photo frames do give a modernistic feel to your home apart from helping you save money on many frames, but they certainly don’t evoke memories like the old time photo frames.

So what to do if you really want to revive the memories and also use the photos lying around without making your house look like the victim of the golden era? Well you simply buy a PMMA photo frame. A product of Kim Katinis’s design shop, the PMMA allows you to be in touch with the days gone by without letting go of the futuristic designs. Its design, though simple, does attract attention and is perfect for any modern home. Made from Plexiglas, an acrylic material, the frame is light in weight and is very user-friendly. With 190 x 140 mm dimensions, it can easily accommodate a 15×10 cm photographs which are very convenient to put inside the frame. Not only is PMMA’s design brilliant but the fact that it is available in different colors makes it even more desirable. It comes in a varied range of colors from Blue-Black, Yellow, Green, and Orange to a darker shade of Red.

Many digital-age lovers will probably find it hard to understand the importance of such kind of photo frames, especially when the digital ones are so easily available. But it is only the ones who really want to make their memories truly unforgettable, realize how vital and valuable a paper-photo frame actually is.

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