Spiderman and Captain America Turned Cutely Deformed Plush Toys

For the longest time, plush toys were nothing more than cuddly stuffed animals kids played with or tucked in. Things have undergone a bold change wherein anything that you like, be it a retro gaming character or animation movie star, gets the soft toy treatment. If you have longed lived in the Marvel Universe and saw their shining stars fight the diabolic forces, you’re going to love the Spider Man and Captain America Super Deformed Plush.

Both Spiderman and Captain America Versions look cute with their large faces and relatively small hands and legs. The detailing of the Spidey figurine is perfect with respect to its costume and ready-to-web-sling gesture in his hand. Full justice to the character is done in case of Captain America as well. With this deformed version, you can’t fantasize the guy to save the world, protecting your toy box alone sounds good. Apart from being a squeezable toy, it is a great collectible item for Marvel Comic Fans.

The Spider Man and Captain America Plush Toys are available for around $13 each. The price tag also suggests that this could be a great personalized gift if you happen to know that person’s preferences. For more innovative toys and dolls, check out the Alice in Wonderland Plush toys, the Deadly Cuddly Bear and the Colorful Devil Duckies.