Tinkerbell Fashion Doll

Peter Pan was always one of the best animated films ever, and with characters such as the beautiful Tinkerbell, there was so much to enjoy.

tinkerbell doll pullip fashion doll

This new Tinkerbell Fashion doll brings a new light to the famous character with a style that is defintely fashionable, arriving as a Pullip doll not a Barbie doll. Pullip means “young leaf” in Korean, and we could definitely understand that meaning based on the childish and innocent look Tinkerbell grants us in this doll.

While some may frown at the oversized head, other may appreciate the delicate features and extreme detail that is provided here. As with most Peter Pan merhcnadise, this is another of those magical presentations that are sure to make some girl happy with her own special Tinkerbell.

The Tinkerbell Pullip Fashion Doll is approximately 12 inches tall and arrives with its own set of outfit, accessories, trading card and an actual doll stand. It is available for $130 and brings the young and magical creature to your home.