Umbrellas for Your Shoes: Introducing Shuellas

shoe protection design

It’s like every woman’s wish come true. Hope you have figured it out from the title that these are not shoes we are talking about, these are umbrellas designed for our sandals and shoes. Most ladies have a shoe fetish (apart from others 😉 ) and we do end up having several pairs for footwear. Getting out pretty shoes and sandals wet in the rain can be a nightmare, especially when you wear your best pair of leather shoes and there is that shower of untimely rain.

Well, ladies we do not need to fret anymore. Shuellas are the best thing that could happen to us. They come with a carry pouch and a towel, so you can always carry them handy in your bag. And they are equipped with slip free PVC soles so that your heels don’t hurt them, and velcro makes them easy to use. Notice how they cover half the legs? which makes our pants also slush free. Shuellas are already available at the price of $44.99.