Bring home the Y Grinder for your kitchen

Given the rise in preference for freshly ground spices, the pepper grinder has truly become indispensable in our kitchens today. The ubiquitous grinder has evolved over time to address more needs, the most recent evolution of which is the Y Grinder costing $49.

Freshly ground spices today include ground salt as more and more people prefer to use it freshly ground in their cooking along with freshly ground pepper.

The need for these freshly ground spices has prompted designers to create a unique design which can grind both salt and pepper in the same unit, albeit in different chambers.

The Y Grinder has two different chambers leading to two grinding knobs, one for salt and the other for pepper.

Depending on what you require, you can turn either knob and you will get your freshly ground spice.

The best part of this grinder is that you can use it for a multitude of seasoning as you can control the level of coarseness or fineness of the spice you are grinding.

To even spice up your kitchen, you can bring home robot shaped salt and pepper shakers and those shaped like highly embellished umbrellas.