10 Tips & Tricks For The Travelling Woman

Whether you’re going for a vacation or for a business trip, there’s no running away from packing. As women, we have so many small things to pack: earrings, necklaces, makeup, lotions etc. Packing doesn’t have too be to difficult if you have the right tricks. Here are some tips and tricks for the traveling woman that will make packing much more simple!

1. Use a medicine organizer to store small earrings or rings

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2. Pack your razor with a binder clip

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3. Sticking a dryer sheet among clothes in a suitcase will keep your clothes smelling fresh

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4. Store necklaces in a straw to keep them from getting tangled in your suitcase

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5. Pack your Hair Straighter into pot holder

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6. Hide your cash in empty chapstick tube

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7. Store Earrings in small Zip lock bags so you can easily see them at all times

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8. Store your shoes in a shower cap in order to keep them straight and keep all your clothes clean

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9. Before screwing on the tops to your liquids, cover the bottle with plastic wrap to prevent spills

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10. Use a button in order to keep earrings together

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