3D Effect Wall Decals

Imagine you could create a niche for books on your living room’s wall in only one minute , or place a window with a view to the sea in a room with no window. Well you don’t need to imagine any more because you can do these things, and many more with 3D effect wall decals!

3D effect wall decals are very similar to wall stickers, but the difference is that the designs on wall decals are more sophisticated and projected in a bigger scale. The company that creates those cool wall decals is Animi. Here are some cool stylish 3D effect wall decals that will completely change the look of your room, with no effort and no mess.

Book Shelf wall decal

Create a great niche in your wall with books in it, in just one minute. Looks just like the real thing!

Ceramic Figure Wall Decal

Want to have a beautiful ceramic inside the niche on your wall, but you don’t have any niche? That ceramic figure wall decal will do the job!

Window Sea View Wall Decal

This wall decal is for people who always wanted a sea view from their window but lives in a city with no sea.

Stuffed Bunny Wall Decal

This stuffed bunny wall decal will add cuteness and style to your child’s room.

Cars Wall Decals

These cars wall decals will keep your cars loving kid very happy.

3D Effect Rose Vase Wall Decal

Add flowers to your living room without having to water them  or without finding a place for them. They will stay red forever 🙂

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The walls decals can be transferred between walls. If you want to transform your boring white walls into beautiful designed walls you can purchase the Animi 3D wall decals for 34.90$-54.90$ at the Animi website.