A Newfangled Instauration: Keychains and Speakers

Portability comes in various sizes and shapes. Portable phones known as cellphones, portable music players known as MP3s and iPods, portable PCs known as laptops are some of the popular gadgets that are featured in the list containing the new ‘in’ word – portability.

And now there is a new addition to the said list – portable speakers; speakers that can be attached not just to iPods, MP3 players, and iPhones but also to CD players, DVD players and laptops. Designed by chicBuds, the portable speaker – shaped in the form of a key chain to aid easy transportability is named ‘Chicboom’ and comes in the form of a geometric square and is patterned in a stylish leopard print.

And while appearing small – fitting into the palm of the user – it is powerful enough to give a magnified sound as desired by the user. The two watt amplified speaker which gives utility up to four hours, is fashionably shaped in the form of a heart and outlined with twinkling crystals. This ensures not just the quality of the appliance but also appeals to the aesthetic sense of the user. As the name of the product suggests, being chic is what the company aims at and modishness along with utility is what it delivers.

The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which just needs to be plugged into the computer whenever recharging is required; there is an indicator to pinpoint the same. The indicator also pinpoints whether the device is switched on or off – i.e. it also acts as a power indicator. The gizmo also guarantees absolute clarity – considering its smallness, distortion free, faultless sound quality, and volume control. The latter details become very important in a device like the speaker owing to the very nature of its utility expectation and since in this case, the contraption is pocket-sized, it becomes imperative that quality is not compromised anywhere; hence the specific attention to specify and particularize the aspects of sound lucidity in the gadget.

Minuscule yet utility packed, Chicboom comes in two colors – blue and pink. The colors are subtle which means that the fancy leopard printing does not clash garishly but complements the designing of the device. Priced at US $24.99, Chicboom comes out as an appliance to appeal to a major section of people. Its feasibility and convenient mobility make it a potential fast gainer in the consumer market while its simple yet attractive design makes it promptly eye-catching; exactly what potential users need in this fiercely competitive world.

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