Beyoncé in H&M Summer Collection 2013

There’s a new collaboration in town, the massive retailer H&M had teamed up with the R&B superstar Beyoncé to presents its new summer collection for 2013.

H&M is known for its simplicity yet fashionable designs, so it is not a surprise they’ve chosen Beyoncé to present their new summer line.  The H&M Summer Collection campaign film was filmed in Nassau, Bahamas. In the video you can see Beyoncé  wearing swimwear and beachwear from H&M’s Water collection, the video also features Beyoncés new song “Standing On The Sun”.  Although H&M’s designs and fashion speaks for itself and sells like crazy, but theres’s no doubt that Beyoncé rocking H&M’s bikinis in the video will surly bump their sales even higher.Check out the new campaign.