26 Creative Bookend Designs

Although Geeks may not be reading as much as they should, they are certain to have a few books, strategy guides and many magazines that need an organized storage space. For that there are many cool Bookend designs which include an added Geeky theme for making Bookworms part of the Geek crowd.

Here we gathered 26 cool Bookend Designs which include Geeky Themes, Creative Concepts and Other miscellaneous styles to add to your home library. If you own other kinds that are not featured (but should be), please make sure to let us know.

Star Wars

Here are some cool Star Wars themed bookends to make sure that you are a Geek no matter where you look within your room.

star wars bookends trash compactor

star wars bookends jabba palace

There are a number of Star Wars Bookends which include the Trash Compactor or Jabba’s Palace, the Lightsaber Bookends, Han Solo and Guido or even the awesome Star Wars Logo.

star wars logo bookend design

star wars lightsaber bookend design

star wars han solo guido bookend design

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Han Solo Carbonite Bookends

star wars han solo frozen in carbonite bookend design

The famous Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite scene is revisited with these cool collector’s Bookends.

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Star Trek Emblem

star trek embelem bookend design

A great collectible for Trekkies is this Star Trek Emblem bookend, holding your books up in style.

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Harry Potter Bookends

harry potter bookends design 1

Here are some cool Harry Potter Bookends which are great by design, theme and detail.

harry potter bookends design 2

harry potter bookends design 3

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Comics Bookends

There are many cool bookend design that are for Comic geeks, which could be used to hold regular comics, annual releases and even the major book or encyclopedia for the hard core fans.

Superman Vs. Batman

superman vs batman bookends design for comics

It is a great idea to have these two major Superheroes hold up your books with the strength right behind.

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two face batman bookends for comics

Batman lovers would really appreciate this creative Two-Face Bookends…showing both sides from either side of your books.

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Green Lantern Vs. Sinestro

green lantern vs sinestro bookend design comics

Many Green Lantern fans are awaiting the movie to finally be released, and this awesome bookend would just get them more on edge.

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naruto squad bookends design image

The Naruto Squad are using their leverage to hold up your collection of Manga comics.

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Jay and Silent Bob

jay and silent bob bookend design

Kevin Smith fans would really love to see the hilarious duo come together in such a studious way. But hold on, they aren’t reading but are back to their regular habits.

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Voltron Bookends

voltron bookend design image

Here comes Voltron to defend your library collection with all its might.

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Miscellaneous Bookends

Below we gathered some miscellaneous Bookends designs which are cute, creative or both.

Arrow Magnets

arrow magnet bookend design image 1

While looking mysterious at first, the Arrow Magnets are a cool way to trick visitors of your library.

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Pack of Dogs

pack of dogs bookend design 2

Created by designer Oscar Nunez, here are a pack of dogs that can be arranged in different ways to hold up your books, magazines and other journals.

pack of dogs bookend design 1

Animal Bookends

animal bookend design image 1

These great designs from Zuny bring a few different Animal Bookends into light, which are cute, practical and extremely lovable.

anomal bookend design image 2

Wooden Bookends with Style

wood bookend design image 1

Beautifully designed bookends made of Wood that don’t only hold up your publications but are rather stylish.

wood bookend design image 2

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Teleportation Bookend

teleportation bookend design 1

Of course there is no magic in this bookend, but the creative way to make it look like teleportation is a sure way to excite Geeks.

teleportation bookend design 2

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Typewriter Bookends

typewriters bookends design image

It should be natural for the Typewriter to be included with a book accessory, and this example shows it so easily.

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Quotation Marks

quotation marks bookends design image

As if quoting what is between the two marks, these quotation Bookends make perfect sense to hold up a bunch of books.

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