Allow Your Kids to Play with Your iPhone with the Woogie

Most parents find it difficult to say a firm “No” when their kids ask whether they can play on your iPhone. Torn between love for your kids and apprehension about letting them handle your iPhone, most parents find themselves in a quandary. But never mind. There is always a solution to every problem, especially a squishy, huggable answer to your kid’s innocent, wide eyed query.

Of course, your iPhone or iPod is a chockfull of tempting goodies; hundreds of games and books made available from the App store, it’s little wonder that your kid is tempted to play with it. But aren’t you riddled with apprehension about letting your kid handle your sophisticated iPhone? Won’t it be subjected to the perils only kids can concoct for the things they play with? There’s always a simple solution- the Woogie!

The Woogie is 50 percent stuffed animals, to entice your kids and 50 percent protective case for your iPhone or iPod touch. Moreover, its 100 percent fun to handle!

The Woogie has a protective pocket Velcro to hold your iPhone or iPod touch safe and secure. A touch through screen protector allows you to choose movies, apps, or music for your kid. Woogie has a built in speaker which is powered by two AAA batteries. In case you prefer Myphone, you can plug in the headphones too.

Woogie has six arms which can be tucked under to prop it for viewing or enable it to sit comfortably perched in your kid’s lap. The Woogie delightfully has its own App. Have fun and download the free Woogie app from the iTunes Apps store to preview Sesame Street digital books and lots more from Iceberg kids.

The adorable Woogie has the following features. It is a huggable, squeezable kid friendly audio/video player and case for iPod touch and iPhone.

Moreover, the iPhone or iPod is protected by a pocket integrated within a soft plush toy. The built in speaker is powered by two AAA batteries which comes along with Woogie. This cute Woogie is just right for kids three years and older.

Woogie is a griffin plus Iceberg kid’s co-op initiative. The latter is the leading publisher of digital books for kids. It is available at $19.99.

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