Magnificent Deer Lamps to Decorate Your Walls

If you are looking for lamps that not only light up your interiors but even stand apart from the rest as magnificent art pieces, the hand-molded resin lamps designed by Annabel Karim Kassar, Christophe Hascoet, and Isabelle Rolland would be the best buy. Measuring 26″W x 32.25″H x 37″D in dimensions, and costing $7,499.00, these hand-molded resin lamps come with fluorescent tubes that have dimmable ballast.

hand-molded resin lamps

This limited edition product will not only act as a cultural icon within your interiors but even mesmerize your guests with its striking design and aesthetic value. So, place your orders now to get this brilliant art piece for yourself before the stocks are lapped up.

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