The Personal Baby Assistant: Every Mommy’s Digital Godsend

If you’re just basking in the glow of parenthood, a few sleep deprived days later, you are bound to come to the realization that a sleep deprived parent is not equivalent to an organized parent. The Personal Baby Assistant (PBA) will help you remember every little important detail to keep your tiny tot not only healthy but also very happy.The Personal Baby Assitant Every Mommys Digital Godsend

The Personal Baby Assistant functions like a mini computer, can be best described as, “digitalized baby management”, is a portable device will which help a new parent track every important element in relation to the baby’s daily routine such as tracking nursing, bottles, pumping, diapers, sleep, medicine, temperature, and growth. The Personal baby Assistant is not only a blessing for one baby, but in case you have been blessed with twins, PBA can track up to two babies at one time! The PBA’s usefulness does not end there. The PBA comes with chime and vibration timers to set up reminders or wake up alerts, an easily removable belt clip, and a built-in nightlight to shed light while changing or feeding the baby. The PBA can be connected to your PC via the included USB cable so that you can upload all the data to your PC or onto PBA Online to view your data in an organized manner. These weekly charts will help you notice patterns and you can even view reports right on the PBA.

The Personal Baby Assistant Every Mommys Digital Godsend 2

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