“Brr” Heaters: Beat Those Winter Blues!

December makes you immediately think of Christmas, hot chocolate, snowflakes and, let’s not forget, the cold and harsh winter. Fear not, the “Brr” Heaters, are a warm set of heaters performs multiple functions like insulating your hands from the hot cup, trapping the heat etc and among other things, offers a wonderful solution to battling scalding hands during winter!Brr Heaters Beat Those Winter Blues

“Brr” Heaters has been given such a name as a very clever play on the ordinary word, ‘Brr’ and is an incredibly simple and brilliant concept which owes its creation to designer Beata Faron from Poland. This set of heaters has been specially created to be used during the cold winter months or on a particular cold day and is incredibly easy to use. On any cold day have fun drinking that beverage with the Pacman Heat Changing Mug or just accessorize you cup of hot coffee or tea with the “Brr” heater and just sit back and let “Brr” do the rest! “Brr” Heaters will protect your hands while holding the cup and alternately like the USB Sheep Heating Gloves will warm frozen hands and keep the heat trapped inside the cup, so that your drink remains warm for a longer period of time. These heaters are made from wool, provide wonderful insulation and apart from being so useful, look adorable in a soft woolly brown and it comes in different sizes to suit any cup! The two silicone bands inside the heater will keep it firmly in place and prevent it from sliding down the cup.

Brr Heaters Beat Those Winter Blues 2

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the “Brr” Heaters and enjoy that steaming cup of cocoa every winter day.