DK02 LCD Watch – A Product of Time and Technology

In a world that sweeps the floor under your feet with high rates of growth in technology and science, the market demonstrates and sells articles that come with a user manual to help people know how they are used; but there is just one specimen of technology that can be used only by those who have trained eyes: the DK02 LCD watch. The LCD Tokyoflash watch has come at par with excellence in technology and its effective use.The LCD of the watch plays with shapes and colors every day. The watch was specifically made with the intention of showcasing how numbers and fonts can form abstract shapes. If you have the eyes to figure out time through the shapes and colors even without AM and PM, the watch is apt for you. It is a symbol of sophistication and intricate designing built on the grounds of artistic and technically aware creative minds. If you wish to make your watch appear like some alien and out of comprehension, flash your wrist with the Dk02 LCD watch.

The watch has been engineered with minimal design in its layout, shape, and functionality but creates a futuristic look through the 45 cuts on the corners. The designer of the watch, Lorenzo has included the minutes in between the hours, thereby giving a different kind of appeal to the watch. This aspect of the watch has invited accolades and appreciation from fans around the world.

The watch fits everything inside a grid measuring 9X12 units with the hour surrounding the minutes that are rotated 90 degrees clockwise. The two colors have got themselves placed on an OLED display. The minutes are fitted 3×5 units within the hours. The smart watch has been designed by designers from Tokyoflash, Japan. These designers have exhibited immense talent through their skills in graphic designing. The LCD watch has come to be one of the rarest technological inventions displaying a treasure of creativity and perseverance to grow ahead of time.

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