Dog House Sofa

If you’re a pet owner, the Dog house Sofa will make a great addition to your living room and to your dog’s life. Think of it- your dog can have its own place to rest right next to you.

The great thing about this sofa is that it solves a very common problem that all dog owners have, which is how to protect your sofa from being ruined by your dogs preference to jump on it all the time. This Dog house sofa is a perfect solution for this problem, since now your dog have its spot. Created by Korean designer Seungji Mun, it’s a perfect way to give your dog a place to rest and feel some privacy while keeping your house looking clean. You can eve place your snack, or your dog snack on it.

This sofa has one big wooden armrest that’s hollowed out to accommodate a puppy. It’s the first item in Seungji Mun’s collection of “emotional pet furniture”. Mun Explains: “This ‘Dog House Sofa’ is a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet. As a pet’s sight, this furniture is good enough for whetting the curiosity of pets. This sofa is composed of the solid wood (ash wood) and a fabric. And combining the sofa and dog house deliver the new space of communication between human and pet”. Hmmm so while you’re watching TV with your dog, the emotional bond between you two is passively being strengthened! That’s awesome! Let’s take a look in a few pictures taken from: