5 Unique Hotels Around The World

Want to experience a new and exciting vacation? Here are 5 hotels around the world that offer you a non traditional vacation. From a “50 Shades of grey” style vacation to a “choose your own pillow” Hotel I’m sure you can find something you like in this list.

Great Britain: Fully naked vacation

In the Clover Spa-Hotel in Birmingham you will find lots of ordinary activities, BUT the hotel management guarantees a unique experience: all the activities in the hotel are done fully naked- Seating in the Bar, Staying in the room or anywhere else! All of the hotel’s charis are heated so you will not get cold. The hotel management emphasizes that they don’t encourage promiscuous behavior rather the intoxicating feeling of being naked all the time. This experience will cost you 120-180£. For more information: cloverspa.co.uk

In this case I prefer not to upload a photo 🙂

Seattle, USA: 50 Shades of grey

The semi-erotic Novel: “50 shades of grey” became very popular all over the world, so it was just a matter of time before someone decided to take advantage of its popularity. The Edgewater hotel is joining the trend of aChristian Grey style vacation. The guests get a map of all the hot spots mentioned in the book and visit them in a sports car, similar to the one in the book. Prices: starting at 914$ per night. For more details: edgewaterhotel.com

New-York, USA: Choose your own pillow

The Benjamin hotel in New-York emphasizes its commitment towards the guests’ sleeping quality and offers a 12 Pillows menu you can choose from for your room. In addition, the hotel hires a “Sleep Doorman” who recommends the guests on sleeping options such as ordering a sleeping sandwich or a relaxing massage. The hotel management guarantees 8 hours of sleeping per night or you get your money back. Prices: 390-340$ per night. For more details: thebenjamin.com

Germany: Concept Rooms

The Propeller Hotel is a one big stage of the artist Lars Stroschen. The hotel has 30 rooms with different concepts for each room. For Example: a room shaped as a diamond, where all the furniture in it are frosted with mirror fragments that give you the feeling you’re inside a kaleidoscope. In another room, the bed is floating and the only way to get on it is using a rope ladder. Prices: 79-115€ per night (per person). For more details: propeller-island.com

Poland: Participate in an Art Project

The 5-stars hotel BlowUpHall in the city of Poznan, introduces itself as an art oriented hotel. The hotel doesn’t have reception area, and its 22 rooms aren’t numbered. Each guest gets an iPhone with a code that helps the guests to find the room that was chosen for them. In the hotel halls you will find works of advanced art and the guests occasionally participate in art projects such as: Group nude picture. Prices: 120€ per night. For more details: blowuphall5050.com