Electronic Scrabble Takes the Classic Game Into the Digital Age

There seems to be something archaic about playing a regular old board game anymore. You have to worry about setting up the board, organizing the letters, etc. In the end it “almost” seems to be more trouble than it is worth in the digital age of instant gratification. To help solve that problem, we have the electronic Scrabble game. It may not have the same flare as the original, but it definitely looks easier to setup and break back down again.

As with the original game, your score is based on the letters and words you can create out of them. Throw some letters together, cry foul when you think someone made up a word, spend a few hours sifting through a dictionary, and you have a full night of fun for everyone. The electronic game hopes to minimize the arguing because the smartlink tiles, once connected, will register that a word has been created and add your score accordingly. There are three different variations of the game popping out of just 5 letter tiles.

The game claims you can play with one or more players, but I can’t imagine a solo Scrabble game could be all that compelling. At a price of $24.99, that seems just a tick over what you would pay for the original game.

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