GPS Child Locator Keeps Your Kids Safe

Given the number of kidnappings we read and hear about on the news, you would think every parent would be taking precautions to protect their children. While still exceedingly rare, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry, and this GPS Child Locator from Brickhouse Security helps to place a seemingly innocuous watch on your child’s wrist but can act as an accurate tracker in case something ever goes wrong or you lose your kid while he/she wanders around Disney World.

This little watch still stick to its original functionality, and operates as a 12 hour or 24 hour digital watch. Getting your child to wear it all the time might be a bit of a hassle in the digital age, but it has a steel reinforced locking mechanism to prevent tampering. It is also constructed from Derma-label Hypoallergenic Plastic and Steel, so at the very least you shouldn’t expect any adverse allergic reactions. It is water resistant, but you should probably shouldn’t dunk it in water either.

You can get updated location information via logging into the web or also via your cell phone. If you don’t have a smart phone. you can just text “WRU” for location and date/time information. As you might expect, such technology doesn’t come cheap. This little GPS locator watch clocks in at $199.95. Still, for what it does, that doesn’t seem outrageous.

If you’re looking for other methods of protection, consider the Attack DVR, which produces a blinding light as well as a piercing noise. It also records video as well, just in case the worst happens. For something a little less serious, how about the Personal Baby Assistant, which helps you remember all the important details about your child’s early life.