Aeropress Coffeemaker Promises Your Best Cup of Coffee Ever

Ever since I bought myself a Keurig single serve coffee maker, I had decided that the world of coffee making had reached its peak. With that said, I am admittedly curious about this Aeropress Coffee Maker, which makes a big promise of providing the best single cup of coffee..well..ever.

Aeropress has some big shoes to fill. As big food chais like Mcdonald’s have found out, coffee is serious business both here in the United States as well as abroad. Yet people are also sticklers for what types of coffee they like to drink. Outside substances and contaminants like chlorgenic acids, trigonellie, and furfuryl alcohol lead to a more bitter taste that can irritate your taste buds.

So, the folks over at Aerobie decided they could improve on the brewing process by providing a flavorful, non-bitter cup of joe. Critics have praised the little machine as much as much more expensive counterparts, and the price range of $2.99-$25.99 won’t break your bank.

Ready to get started? All you need to do is place a micro filter at the bottom of the Aeropress, then place it over your favorite mug of coffee. Add in a measured scoop of coffee into the “brewing chamber.” Throw in some hot water, press down the plunger, and once it gets to the bottom … ta da! You will hopefully have the best cup of coffee ever. If you are looking for new places to put your coffee, I can suggest a few. You can load up your coffee and your favorite photos with this Digital Photo Mug, or choose from one of these 21 Geeky Mug Designs. They run the gambit in terms of theme, so you are bound to find something you like!