21 Geeky Mug Design

A coffee mug is the first thing you look for when you get up in the morning. A mug is one of those necessities of life which we cannot do without.

Some prefer large, while others prefer small mugs. Some look for class whereas some prefer the simple ones. Whatever your choice, mugs are those inevitable accessories of our day to day life that can never be avoided.

For some people, their coffee mugs symbolize their character, personality, and liking. They like to get up each morning and be reminded of that one passion or love that keeps them alive. And for the same reason, they want the first thing that they hold in their hands, a coffee mug, to remind them of that love that keeps them going. In this article, we have brought to you some of the best coffee mugs ever made until now. Choose the one that rightly fits your personality and style.

Automatic Stirring Mug

Have you ever spilled out your coffee while stirring or often felt lazy to do hold the spoon and stir your coffee in your mug? Then look no further, for someone heard your complaints and has come up with the “Automatic Stirring Mug”. This mug comes with a special facility which will stir your coffee automatically.

Battery Mug

Have you ever burned your tongue by sipping in hot dosage of coffee or cussed as your coffee got cold because of your busy work load? If yes, then “Battery Mug” is the solution for you. Don’t get confused by thinking whether it’s a battery that has been turned into a mug or a mug that has been infused with some sort of battery. The Battery Mug displays the hotness of the beverage poured in it by means of the indicator. This battery image on the mug glows when the beverage inside it is hot and fades as the mug is emptied or the beverage is cold.

Biscuit Storing Mug

Biscuit Storing Mug or “The Dunk Mug” has a little shelf/space at the bottom of the mug which allows you to store in your cookies. You can also use the shelf to hold a small piece of bread, sugar packets, or even your napkin. Now, you don’t have to carry a separate plate for biscuits or cookies with your tea or coffee; it’s all in your mug.

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Canon’s Lens Mug

Canon’s Lens Mug, as the name suggests, is a product from Canon, and is a replica of Canon’s 70-200mm F4 lens. This Canon’s Lens Mug is made up of heat resistant material, and is a great attractive collectible for all the photographers.

Coffee Bean Mug

Coffee as we all know is made from coffee beans. The smell of coffee bean or freshly brewed coffee is a divine aroma for all the coffee lovers. Here’s a “Coffee Bean Mug” to enhance the flavor and smell of your coffee. This Coffee Bean Mug is made of coffee beans which will smell wonderful each time you take a sip.

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Bacon Mug

Good news for all the bacon lovers. This Bacon Mug is too realistic to be true. A genuine piece of art, this bacon mug is for all those people who love eating ham and bacon.

Connectable Coffee Mugs

Designer Jonathan Aspinall has come up with a unique design for mugs, which can be easily carried from one place to another all together at the same time. This “Connectable Coffee Mugs” can be linked together to form a six mugs chain. Each mug has a plus sign shape male connection on one side and matching female connection on the other side, which help them to stay connected to each other and to be carried easily.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Mug

If you’re a Star Wars movies fan and can’t get enough of these movies, then this “Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Mug” is for you to enhance your movie experience and to show how big a fan you are. The design of this mug is inspired from the famous Darth Vader character of the Star Wars movies.

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Duct Tape Coffee Mug

As we all know duct tape is used to fix broken things in your household. However, now you can ‘fix’ up a cup of hot coffee every morning with this Duct Tape Coffee Mug. This mug is made up of ceramic and is designed as if a duct tape is wrapped around a mug. The Duct Tape Coffee Mug comes in silver and black color.

The Fisticup

This ceramic mug is from Fred’s brand new line called “The Fisticup”. While holding this mug, it feels as if you’re ready to pounce on someone. This unusual mug is definitely for all the tough guys out there.

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The Pacman Mug

Pacman is one the oldest and most popular games of all times. If you are a Pacman addict or you are among those gamers who like taking small breaks in their busy schedules just to play Pacman, then the “Pacman Mug” is just for you. This cute looking mug will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Arcade Games Mugs

Kick start your mornings with a cool display of your favorite arcade game characters, graphically inscribed on your coffee mug. This ‘Arcade Games Mug’ are the best option for all the arcade games lovers.

Star Trek Pewter Mug

Get ready to take a ride to traverse across galaxies with the “Star Trek Pewter Mug”. The mug will take you to the imaginative and wonderful world of the Star Trek movies. Star Trek Pewter Mug features a metallic look with movie visual symbols inscribed on the surface. This mug is the coolest gadget for the Star Trek geeks.

R2-D2 Coffee Mug

The R2-D2 Coffee Mug is definitely the coolest gadget for all the R2-D2 Fans. What a great way to start your day with a cup of your favorite coffee served in your favorite Star Wars character mug.

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Unplug the Plug Mug

The Plug Mug is designed especially for those people who love to play pranks at home or in office or whose personal mugs are often taken for use without their knowledge. You can leave your mug anywhere and unplug it so that no one else can use it. The “Plug Mug” is definitely an unconventional yet innovative mug design.

Facebook Mug

Now you can get hooked up to the addictive social networking website right from the time you wake up in the morning. For all Facebookaholics, this “Facebook Mug” is a boon. On the mug, the ‘wall’ option from the facebook main screen is encrypted, along with ‘I Need More Coffee’ written in the post line, ready to be submitted. This mug will give your day a jolting start with a combination of caffeine and Facebook kick.


This “ON-OFF Mug” is an ordinary looking mug with extraordinary magical features. Now, you might ask: what’s so extraordinary and magical about this normal looking mug? When you pour hot beverage into the mug, it turns white, with ‘ON’ written on it and when the mug is empty or the beverage is cold, it turns black and shows ‘OFF’.

Space Invaders Coffee Mugs

If you’re a lover of classic video games, then you must have played the Space Invaders game. For all those kids and grownups who love to play Space Invaders and can’t get enough of it, this “Space Invaders Coffee Mug” is just the right thing for you. This mug features the Space Invaders game and comes in different colors. These Space Invaders Mugs can also be a perfect gift for your kids.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Cup Sets

For all those computer geeks who cannot get enough of the technology, this “Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set” will go well with your geeky personality. These beautifully crafted cup sets are made up of plastic, and draw inspiration from the keyboard Ctrl, Alt, and Del buttons. The cups come with a tray which has a circuit board design on it. This “Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set” can be a cool gift for your geek friends.

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Teeth Mug

Good oral hygiene is essential for healthy and strong teeth. For all the dental conscious people, the ‘Teeth Mug’ is a great collectible. The “Teeth Mug” has a teeth shape on one side.  Each tooth is individually hand carved by skilled Taiwanese Ceramic artists to make sure that all the teeth are straight and clean for the brightest smile.

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The Toilet Mug

The Toilet Mug, as the name suggests, is shaped as a toilet bowl. This hand-painted toilet mug makes a great gag gift for any coffee or tea lover. The Toilet Mug is definitely one of the weirdest mugs with a gross taste.

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