Water Powered Clock: An innovative way to check time

For all of you who love something unique, the water-powered clock is a definite must. Attractively designed in translucent blue for its sides and a mirrored glass front, this clock is a must-buy for those who love their table clocks.

The best part of this clock, which costsĀ $9.99, is that it is powered through water, or for that matter, any liquid. Of course, one believes that water is the best liquid to power it. The creators have ensured that internal converter in the clock converts the water or liquid molecules into electrons that are passed in a steady stream of current, which in turn powers the battery.

The display for time and date is in the front, which is visible as soon as you fill the reservoirs behind with water or any liquid. What’s more, you can actually use the reservoirs as flower holders, making it a really neat deal. It is interesting to note that this 6″x4″x2-1/2″ clock does not come with the battery, which you have to purchase separately but despite that, it is still a great way to read time and date.

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