Digital Photo Mug Lets You Bring Your Pictures With You

Just about every piece of electronics equipment can store photos and other images these days. Your phone, iPod, USB Flash drive, you name it and you can probably put pictures on it. I bet that none of these devices can prominently display your favorite pictures while also holding some steaming hot coffee at the same time, however. Thankfully, this digital photo mug is here to fill that niche.

This special little mug comes with a removable photo frame that lets you store and display up to 45 digital photos at any given time. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome to take your favorite landscape photos so that you have something to dream about while you are stuck at the office. Alternatively, you can wow all of your friends and coworkers with your new beach body pictures from Costa Rica. Whatever purpose you decide to employ your mug for, you can take comfort knowing that both your caffeine and photo needs are taken care of. It helps that the price is reasonable, too, clocking in at $24.99.

The travel mug has a 1.5″ LCD screen and includes a USB cable for easy picture-to-mug transfers. The software is also plug-n-play, so no need to worry about compatibility issues. Best of all, it is totally dishwasher safe! Although I would be a little worried about testing that theory myself. If you are looking for other hot beverage delivery systems, you might want to try this Utilitea Variable Temperature Kettle. That handy little gadget is happy to deliver your tea to you every morning at the absolute perfect temperature. Alternatively, if you just want to round out your favorite coffee mug collection, you can checkout these 21 Geeky Mug Designs. There is something for everyone!