Hacoa Play Mouse

When the world is facing the problem of pollution, devices like the Hacoa Play Mouse offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Hacoa Play Mouse

The Hacoa Play Mouse is an exceptional optical mouse built from natural wood available in light maple or darker walnut color options. Surprisingly, its seamless operating buttons and scroll wheel are also carved out of wood to offer smooth functioning.

This organic mouse in minimalist design is the creation of Japanese designers. It employs Solid wood technology and brand Alive recherché workmanship. Just like any other mouse, the Hacoa Play Mouse is also very convenient to use as its cord just needs to be plugged in the system’s USB port.

The red optical glow assures the power supply into the mouse. It is compatible with both Mac and PC but requires Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000; Mac OSX 10.3.9 and above OS to work.

Hacoa Play Mouse1

I would like to point out that as making of this mouse requires natural wood, so devices like this mouse would promote deforestation. Anyway, if you want to buy this Hacoa Play Mouse, you will have to shell out US$ 189.

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