18 Fancy Purses for Girls

They say geeky girls are hard to find and geeky accessories for girls even harder. I don’t know how much true the first supposal is (I have seen many in my life); however I can bet that the second one doesn’t hold true. There is geeky stuff for everyone; yes, even if the geek is a girl. And if you don’t believe me have a look at some of the weirdest and unconventional purses mentioned below. I bet even if you are not of the geeky type, you would love to keep more than one of those.

Portable NES Console Purse

Girls can’t live without the set of makeup accessories and geeks just can’t go anywhere without their gaming consoles. So what happens when the two types meet? Creation of “Portable NES Console Purse” is a stylish purse with an NES console attached to it. The NES console purse has got a good sized LCD screen occupying center of the purse and two controllers are stuck on both sides with Velcro.

Transformer Bag

If you think only machines can transform, then think again? Because the “Transformer Bag” from Artistic House of Bob Basset will prove you wrong. This Transformer Bag is stylish and made up of high quality Black Leather. The bag is provided with zipper chain at the center, along with handles at the top and at sides so that you can hold it as you desire. This bag has simple tortoise shell-like design and can be folded into various shapes like a big rugby ball, a simple rectangular-shaped handbag, or even as a college bag.

Armadillo Purse

The “Armadillo Purse” will definitely turn heads toward you. This fun and weird handbag is made of a printed fabric that emulates a real armadillo’s armor. The purse has got a stuffed tail, legs, and head just like an armadillo and also zippered so you can keep your things safely.

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Da Yun Purse

Every girl loves going to evening parties wearing lovely dresses and matching shoes. However, you attire is not complete without that one accessory, which is purse. So to complete your look here is “Da Yun Purse” which is shaped like a tiger. You should have this classic piece of accessory in your closet for that perfect look.

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Cassette Tape Bag

You can describe a person’s personality by what he or she wears. Your clothes and accessories tell a lot about your personality. If you’re a music lover and wants to show your love for music with your accessories, then this “Cassette Tape Bag” is great option for you. It will not only show your love for music but will also give you that retro classic look.

Funky Handbag

This is one of the weirdest and funkiest handbag designs inspired by or you may say replica of a drainage lid. It comes in silver color and is perfect if you like collecting weird funky accessories.

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Gun Purse

The “Pursuader” from designer James Piatt, is a leather purse made to look like a gun. This purse features a handy call phone compartment in the clip. This purse is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. The gun purse will definitely draw eyes when you carry it around.

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Recycled Suit Bag

“Recycled Suit Tote Bag” is one-of-a-kind bag made from; you guessed it right, recycling men’s suit, which gives it a unique and trendy look. This bag is handmade and completely made from recycled material, even the leather handles are made from old used couches.

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Computer Keyboard Fashion Bags

Would you wear Geeky Fashion bags made up of computer keyboards in public? If yes, then this “Computer Keyboard Fashion Bag” is perfect for you. This bag is made of computer keys and comes in different colors. The bag is definitely different and innovative and can also be kept as a collectible accessory.

High-Heeled Purse

Most of you love handbags and shoes, so why not get these two things together? That is exactly what Azumi & David have done, with this “High- Heeled Purse” they have combined bag and shoe in one lovable accessory. This Loop Handle Heel Bag looks like an extra wide hell boot when undone. But when looped it becomes a functional purse.

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Lethal Gold Gun Handbag

Prada is one of the famous brands known all over the world for their classic, glamorous, and fashionable designs. This” Lethal Gold Gun Handbag” is one of the creations of Prada. This bag has a gold gun emblazoned on it which looks very classic and glamorous.

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Finch Purse

“Finch Purse” is a collection of purse shaped like a bird and is hand-beaded in multicolor pattern. This Finch Purse is beautiful, fashionable, and is perfect for evening parties.

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Russian Nesting Doll Handbag

Everyone is aware of rich Russian culture, and their nesting dolls which never go out of vogue. Famous French Designer Christian Louboutin has created this “Russian Nesting Doll Handbag” for Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 Russian themed collection. The haute couture bag comes in black color and is shaped like a Russian doll. This bag has three Chanel logos in front as a buttons; a white flower or a bow adds the extra feminine touch and a handle which is made of simple silver chain. Girls who love dolls would love to carry this Russian Doll around.

Strawberry Cupcake Bag

Who wouldn’t love to have a “Strawberry Cupcake Bag” which is gorgeous and fat-free? Most of the girls will agree that they love eating cupcakes but avoid it to be fit and slim. So what if you can’t eat cupcakes? You can always have it in the form of this cute, chic, and fashionable “Strawberry Cupcake Bag” which will fill your face with bright smile whenever you carry it or look at it.

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Bags of the Future

French Young designer Jerome Olivent has come up with a collection of bags which looks like 3-D graphics work. The purses’ streamlined shapes are reminiscent of fantastic items and bear no resemblance to usual looking bags. This collection of bags are innovative and convenient for everyday urban life, travel, or study.

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Glowing Purses

Do you have to struggle to find your keys or cellphones in your purse? Well this is a problem with most of us. However, this “Glowing Purse” is a perfect solution to this problem. The purse has got micro-LED’s, which are attached to the inner fabric of the purse. You can switch the lights on and off according to your convenience and when the power dies, just recharge it or get a new battery, simple right?

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Watermelon Bag

This delicious “Watermelon Bag” looks like a big watermelon slice. Because of its bright color this bag is perfect as a summer bag and will go great with those lovely summer dresses.

Bag TV Handbag

Traveling alone or babysitting kids is boring, especially when there is no source of entertainment around you. The best source of entertainment is TV, which you might be missing when you travel. Now you don’t have to worry or get bored because you have your TV in your bags. Yes that’s right, this “Bag TV Handbag” has got television which you can carry wherever you want and be in touch with what’s happening in the world around you. You can even attach it to computers or digital cameras through a USB port and SD card slot installed in it. Cool isn’t it?