19 Geeky Teapot Design

There are only two ways to kick start your day: either step into a cold shower, or have a cup of freshly made tea.

If you are one of the geeky types, you might need some extra kick in the morning to get your nerdy nerves to start working. In that case, let some of the wackiest geeky teapots mentioned in this article do the needful for you.

If you thought teapots were just some lonesome ceramics that sit on the table and stare at you, then think again; for the below mentioned teapots are seriously going to change your perception about teapots. Smart, trendy, geeky, and sometimes a bit weird, these crazy teapots will definitely get you going.

Emotive Teapot

Drinking tea in groups is believed as a wonderful way of strengthening social ties because while enjoying tea, people can engage in a relaxing chat. Designed by Jack Craig, Emotive Teapot comes with two spouts allowing you to pour tea from either side. But the most interesting feature of the teapot is the rocking motion design which simulates several gestural movements of people like nodding and bowing.

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Elongated Monotea Teapot

You must have heard one of the nursery rhymes about teapot, which depicts a fat and stout teapot with a handle and spout. But this Elongated Monotea Teapot is neither fat nor stout and even has no handle. Instead this unique looking teapot is tall, elegant, slim, and slender. Designer Raphael Morais has given a unique makeover to the good old teapots.

Rotary Kettle

Designer Adrian Lim has designed the Rotary Kettle for handicaps and for even those who are lazy to pour themselves a cup of tea. Simply grip the handle, rotate its body to the desired direction, and pour. However, the best part is that because of its spring system, the kettle will return to its upright position once you release the handle. Rotary Kettle’s hourglass shape, stainless steeled, heat-resistant body and aesthetic looks fit perfectly in modern space.

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Mistea teapot gives an elite look to your morning tea routines with a touch of elegance, bringing you closer to Mother Nature. Nature provides us with vast designs and inspirations. The shape of Mistea teapot is inspired from a snail. The body of this teapot is made of bone china and the pot is made of clear glass.

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Legged Teapots and Cups

Legged teapots and cups have cute, attractive shape. This legged teapot has small legs which help the pot to stand. The teapot is definitely an attractive piece of art, especially for kids.

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The Sorapot

If you want something different from the same old teapot designs, then The Sorapot is just for you. Designed by Joey Roth, this classic geometrically designed teapot is definitely a good option for the modern households.

Biennial Teapot

This Biennial Teapot is named after Craft Alliance’s Biennial teapot exhibition. The teapot is definitely a great piece of art with excellent craftsmanship that will definitely get all the guests’ attention.

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Cigno Teapot

Designer Adam Hammerman has come up with a strange yet elegant looking teapot, named as Cigno and shaped as a beautiful swan. This teapot is definitely a wonderful work of art and a feast for all the human senses.

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Kangaroo Teapot

This wonderful Kangaroo Teapot is for all the animal lovers. The Kangaroo Teapot is similar to Stone’s Pottery of Brisbane. Kangaroo Teapot is definitely a beautiful piece of sculpture cum teapot to be kept on your dining table.

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Cupcake Teapot

From kids to grown-ups, almost everyone like eating sweets, especially cakes. Moreover, fancy decorated cupcakes are pleasing to look at and at the same time are a favorite of many people. So here is Cupcake Teapot for those cupcake lovers. This teapot is absolutely cute and different from the regular teapots.

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Zygo Teapot

Drinking tea is a special time for some people. To make this special time even more special, designer Shaun Redsar has come up with this unique teapot called “Zygo Teapot”. This teapot is delicate yet sturdy and is made up of ceramic frame, embracing the stainless steel sphere.

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The Lazy Teapot

To make some lazy people’s lives a bit easier, designer Lotte Alpert has created a teapot called “The Lazy Teapot”. This teapot is connected with a holding device which makes it easier to pour the tea. Moreover, the teapot is able to control the temperature of the tea according to your convenience.

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Hisako Mizuno Teapot

Hisako Mizuno Teapot is unique in shape. As you can see this teapot has two cups attached to its sides. With its different and elegant looks, the teapot is one of the classic things to be on your dining table.

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So Fly Teapot

What came to your mind when you first see this teapot, its beak-like spout, and the curving form? Although the teapot looks vaguely familiar to a bird, the So Fly Teapot’s shape is inspired from a bird. Yet another creation inspired by Mother Nature.

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No Spout and No Handle Teapot

Can you imagine your teapot without handle and spout? Hard to imagine, right? But here is a No Spout and No Handle Teapot. The teapot, designed by Martin Ortiz, has a unique concept and will blend well with the Chinese themed interiors.

Steampunk Teapots

For all the steampunk lovers, the “Steampunk Teapot” designed by Michael Morarity is surely an important piece of art for their collectibles. This teapot has a temperature gauge, spout cover, and a percolation window.

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The Terrorist Teapot

The Terrorist Teapot is weird but cute. This teapot comes with an embroidered cover, which not only looks good on the teapot but also keeps the tea insulated and warm. Counter-terrorism at its best.

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Newell Teapot

The Newell Teapot is a 3D geometrical shaped teapot, which was designed by Martin Newell back in 1975. This Newell teapot is just a 3D graphical model of an actual teapot.

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Ceramics for breakfast is a teapot which incorporates words in its design. Designer Lilianne Milgrom has borrowed this concept from a T-shirt. As you can see, the teapot is made of “t-pot” incorporated in words. Unique but quite a weird teapot.

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