13 Weighing Machines to Help You Measure Things

Geeks want things to be accurate and precise. Whether it is adding the right amount of chemicals to form the perfect combination or taking the exact amount of salt in a pinch to make the ultimate recipe, geeks are known for their perfection.

However, this holds true for both geeks and non-geeks.  We have brought to you some of the best and beautiful weighing machines, which will not only help you make your end products accurate, but would also add extra fun to the process.

Archimedes’ Scale Bowl

Going back to the olden times, weighing scales were developed using the Archimedes’ principle. However, like they say ‘History repeats itself’, what you see here is just not a bowl but a Scale Bowl, which works on the Archimedes’ principle. Place the bowl in water and get measurements of almost everything. A word of caution – if you try putting something that weighs more than 500 grams, you might end up pushing the bowl beneath the water.

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Foldable Kitchen Scale

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, the Foldable Kitchen Scale is a hi-tech gadget that you must have in your kitchen. It manages to solve half of your mess in the kitchen by folding up to a size of a salt shaker. This also gives you a refreshing break from those boring designs generally found in the market and definitely calls for applause for Andrew Liszewski.

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Alessi SG66 Electronic Scale

Alessi SG66 Electronic Scale is an elegant weighing scale design for your kitchens. This user-friendly gadget makes it easy for you to calculate the nutritional content of the ingredients. Though this kitchen appliance helps you in preparing healthy food, you must also be aware of the fact that it is expensive.

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Folding Kitchen Wall Scale

Now this is an apt answer to all your space management woes of the kitchen. This innovative Folding Kitchen Wall Scale not just helps you measure value of the ingredients used in cooking, but makes optimum use of the space available. On the other hand, in my opinion, it also becomes a nice piece of art for your kitchens.

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The Rocking Kitchen Scale

The Rocking Kitchen Scale is a beautiful amalgamation of modern design and traditional set of functions. The most attractive aspect of this gadget is that it works on the gravitational force. So pour the contents in the bowl and study the rocker! It is indeed a creative way to count the value of the food you consume.

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Designer Food Scale

We have always heard of designer clothes, bags, and footwear but a Designer Food Scale. Yes, you’ve heard it right. This kitchen appliance has an impressive sleek design with a matte silver finish. I am sure to all those, who look before they gorge on those sweet pastries, this appliance will be a great motivation to keep a check on their weight.

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Electronic Nutritional Scales

With technological revolution taking over the world, it is not a surprise to see kitchen gadgets that help know the nutritional content of the food you consume. Electronic Nutritional Scales are appliances that help you maintain your weight. These gadgets can measure nutritional value of the food and also record total dietary intake. How easy it makes calculating the content of proteins, carbohydrates, and sodium that you have consumed!

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Spoon Scale

Spoon Scale makes a perfect gadget for all your kitchens. Now, you can measure food not just in terms of grams but ounces as well. This design is also ideal for food items like sugar and salt. With Spoon Scale reigning in your kitchens, say goodbye to the days when food was only a drastic experiment.

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Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock

Working can get really boring if there is no music. But how do you manage a music system in your kitchen, which is already in a mess due to other kitchen appliances? Don’t worry! Now you have this Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock to solve your problem. It serves a dual purpose of measuring the food items and playing music to your ears too.

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Digital Food Scale

If you are assuming this to be some kind of a calculator, look again. This is a weighing scale that you can use to measure food items. The special feature of this Digital Weighing Scale is that it can measure and record values of up to 999 food items. Don’t think twice if you wish to buy one – it is fast, accurate, and reliable.

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Salter Nutri-Weigh & Go Scale

This Salter Nutri-Weigh & Go scale is similar to the Electronic Nutritional Scales in terms of its functions. But the great news would be that it helps you record data for seven days. You can calculate the nutritional value of any food item and if you wish to look at it again later, just enter the item and the database will have it displayed. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Joseph Shell Digital Scale

Have you ever wondered how does your kitchen look with the outdated kitchen tools? With the kitchens being revamped, why not have modern tools as well? This Joseph Shell Digital Scale is an elegant kitchen appliance that can help you measure both – dry foods and liquid! Whether it is in gray or white, its stunning design is sure to match with your ultra-modern kitchen.

Salter Aquatronic Kitchen Scale

Salter Aquatronic Kitchen Scale is quite similar to Archimedes’ Scale Bowl. However, the difference is that you need not place it in water. Its functionality and design are quite simple to understand. You can weigh dry and liquid ingredients in milliliters and ounces to keep a control on the calories you consume.

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