Shell Digital Kitchen Scale For Accurate Measurement

Modern era has not only brought sophistication in the dressing sense, but it has also changed the peripherals around us and the Shell Digital Kitchen Scale is one such example wherein we can get a glimpse of the modernity entering in our lives.

Shell Digital Kitchen Scale

Unlike the bulky kitchen gadgets, Shell Digital Kitchen Scale is a light-weight accessory that lets the users achieve economies of space. Lending an aesthetic appeal, the Shell Scale works extremely well.

As our lives are very complicated, we try to find things that are easier to use, so as to escape the complications. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the Shell Digital Kitchen Scale made from stainless steel is versatile in use.

Shell Digital Kitchen Scale display

The sculptured shape of the bowl makes it easy to measure and pour multiple ingredients. One can weigh both the liquids as well as the dry food items on this scale. The measurements can be seen on the LCD in various units including grams, ounces-dry, pounds, fluid-ounces, and milliliters. During the preparation, the users can add up with multiple ingredients but up to 11 pounds of weight. Other features of this measuring scale are auto power off, easy-to-read LCD display and simple controls.

Shell Digital Kitchen Scale 1

You can buy the Shell Digital Kitchen Scale from Thinkgeek at a price of $64.99. Check out some cool products such as iDration Bottle Tells You When You are Thirsty, Homemade Cookie Stamper and “Brr” Heaters.