The iDration Bottle Tells You When You are Thirsty

Who would have thought that a bond of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms would end up playing such a vital role in our lives? H2O aka water, has become such an inevitable factor of our lives and the prime chemical element in our body, that it does earmark a lifestyle at its pink!

The folks belonging to the team of the Cambridge Consultants, realizing the importance of water have brought out an exclusive water bottle that will let you know when your body needs water. Known as the iDration bottle, it will tell you that you are thirsty even before you realize it for yourself. When every system in our body depends on water, it is mandatory that there is a regular intake of water every now and then. But like lack of water would lead to dehydration, excess of water intake is equally not advisable especially for athletes. Hence, drinking the right amount of water at the right time is essential. The iDration bottle will irrefutably help you with that particularly because the right amount of water required will differ from person to person.

You can now stop relying on your thirst feelings to realize that you need to drink water. Technology has come as far as to telling you the right time to quench your thirst. The iDration bottle functions through communication with a smart phone using the Bluetooth technology. The bottle is capable of gauging by itself the surrounding temperature, the amount of water consumed by the user from the bottle and also the amount of times the bottle has been toppled over for a gulp. Added to this, smart phones these days have brilliant competence considering the applications that run on them. One such application called the accelerometer will assess the rate at which the user moves and the gyroscope too will help in measuring other exercise levels. Using these data and the prerecorded information on the phone, such as height, weight, age etc. of the user, coupled along with heart rate measured from a chest strap included, it can be ultimately determined that the user needs a water break. Thus, the bottle alerts the user through the flash of a blue light contained in it.

Currently under development, the consultants will be showing off the design, termed as a hardware application, in the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011. So, time for water breaks are fast approaching! Gulp!

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Via: Gearlog