Aquatina: An Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Think of those innumerable times that we have bought bottles of drinking water, had our fill, and threw them off casually into the nearest bin? It is estimated that around one hundred and fifty billion water bottles are thrown away each year, globally. Plastic takes decades to decay and ends up choking Mother earth. It is high time we focused on saving nature and earth and balancing the ecosystem a lot of thought. That would of course mean more taps and less of bottled water. This is where Aquatina scores by way of practicality and originality. A full bottle of Aquatina can hold 500 ml of water. Drink your fill and it shrinks to one-third of its original size to fit snugly into your pocket or handbag. This way, it needs not be thrown away and can be used a lot more times. Since it is portable, you can refill it any time and need not be discarded.

Aquatina is environment-friendly; refill it just three times and its carbon is neutralized compared to random bottles that are bought off the shelves. You never need to feel thirsty again, when you have an Aquatina ready at hand. Aquatina is economical too. It costs just five pounds and then nothing else to fill and refill.

Aquatina has the following unique features.
a.   Collapsible pocket bottle.
b.   It expands to hold 500 ml of water.
c.   Easy to carry around.
d.   Has a wide neck for easy cleaning.
e.   Dishwasher safe.
f.    It is safe to use repeatedly.
g.   When empty, it compresses to one-third its original size.

Aquatina is just great for a variety of users – school kids, tourists, runners, walkers, picnickers, commuters, artists, etc. It is produced in recyclable polycarbonate and tested Bisphenol-free. Aquatina is available with personalized screen printing for use by larger companies and events. It has a secure water tight lid.

Aquatina is a great environmental initiative and will help in the drastic reduction in the use of single plastic bottles. The creation of this stylish, eco-friendly collapsible bottle was initially dismissed as impossible by design experts because of the problems inherent in blow moulding technology. But after a year long research, Aquatina has been created by Wares Design and manufactured by William Beckets Plastics, both situated at Sheffield.

Experience an entirely unique way of quenching thirst, with Aquatina. Fill it, drink it, and squeeze it into your bags, have no qualms about having to choke Mother Earth by discarding used plastic. Aquatina has come to stay, not to be discarded randomly after use.

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