Moebius Ring Watch Design Concept for the Geometrically Inclined!

Modern designs are very interesting and innovative because each new design challenges the old conventional and traditional concepts. Different watch designs displayed at Tokyoflash are proof of the fact that designers want to break conventions. For instance, take a look at this Moebius Ring watch design by Anders. Only geometrically and mathematically inclined geek minds will appreciate and love this watch which is so unlikely to traditional timepieces.

moebius ring watch design1

Moebius Ring watch design has two non-numerical dials and the watch looks more like a designer bracelet. In fact, no one will realize that this bracelet hides a watch for the dials themselves are helical rings divided into sections to read hour and minutes, respectively.  Only when looked at closely and keenly, one can see that these helix shapes are Moebius rings, which tell time when LED lights up different sections.

moebius ring watch design2

Moebius rings are geometrical shapes that have intrigued mathematicians and genius minds over ages. It is an excellent watch design concept for it tells time in a unique way, and it takes a while to understand how to read time, so geeks will love to decipher this watch. Those who have no interest in mathematics and geometry can wear it anyway for it looks very stylish and elegant.

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