EEH- The Super White Ventilator and Gas Stove

There are umpteen varieties of cooking ranges available in the market for you to choose from. But without doubt, any home maker will love to be in possession of a lovely pristine white cooking range.

This lovely white cooking range is from the Yanko Design collection. Even though many would opine that a white cooking range is difficult to handle or keep clean amidst the frenzy of daily cooking, it is a lovely and attractive addition to a modern kitchen.

The collection comes with a combo of an induction cooking plate and a gas burner, with matching exhaust hoods. This amazingly cute and attractive gas plate is called the EEH- Ventilator and Gas stove. This gas stove is truly a blessing in countries where you need to wait for days on end to get your gas cylinder delivered to you.

This new ventilator and gas stove is designed by Chao Gao. It’s so sleek and cute that you would absolutely love to get your hands on it. In case you have a tiny kitchen and can’t accommodate a full size stove-top and cooking range, this EEH-Ventilator and gas stove is easily the best bet.

This culinary gadget combines an effective combo of a gas stove and an induction cooking plate to cook or heat your food within a limited space. The EEH – Ventilator and gas stove is equipped with an exhaust vent, which gives it the distinct shape of number ‘8’and thus it is named EEH , short for “eight eight half”. Hence this elegant gas stove in white, promises smart functionality on all fronts.

The EEH-Ventilator and gas stove is just the ideal option for people living in countries where the delivery of gas cylinders takes a long time. Induction cooking is considered to be safer than using gas too, but when it comes down to trying out Chinese recipes, you would definitely need to use the gas stove burner to have a strong fire going.

This EEH Ventilator and gas stove is ideal too for people who are not very much into cooking, or do very little cooking.

To sum up, this exclusive new design is a glorified version of the modern day kitchen gas stove. The ventilator is in the shape of a half “eight” and the cooking stove is fully “eight” shaped. This EEH Ventilator and gas stove conceived and designed by Chao Gao is a well suited concept for those who are house proud and trend conscious about their homes and kitchens.

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