DoneRight 5-in-1 Timer for Cooking that Perfect Meal

Five different dishes, five different cooking times. How do you manage? Fret not, DoneRight has a solution.

With the 5 in 1 timer from DoneRight you will never again have an undercooked or overcooked meal. You can even successfully multi-task while preparing a delicious meal, be it for your family or even a crowd.

The 5 in 1 kitchen timer has been wisely designed to look like a cooking range. The top section has four timers to correspond to each burner. There is one in front of the oven. Tracking the time for each burner is easy. When using the front right burner set the time on the front right timer. Follow the same for each burner and the oven and forget all kitchen disasters.

Setting the timer is pretty easy as there are only three buttons for each timer. The Start/Stop buttons, as the name suggests, start and stop each individual timer. The +5 button adds five minutes every time it is pressed and the +1 button adds one minute. To set a 14 minute timer press the +5 button twice and +1 button four times. The maximum limit of each timer is 95 minutes, which is quite a long time for cooking.

When the time gets over an alarm goes off and the timer starts flashing a blue light. When you hear the timer alarm, press the Start/Stop button to turn it off. The alarm will beep for 10 times and the light will flash for the next one minute to grab your attention after which it will switch off automatically. If you miss the timer within this time you will have missed it completely. Press and hold the Start/Stop button to reset the timer.

This interesting and useful timer is available in various colors. Though being a great kitchen help it is pretty small in size. It stands 3.75 inches tall, 4.5 inches in breath and 3.25 inches deep. It can be conveniently placed close to the oven as it hardly takes up space. To function it requires 4 AA size batteries, which are not included in the pack.

With the DoneRight 5 in 1 timer in every household there is never going to be any burnt or charred food and every meal will add a new feather to your cap. Get a DoneRight timer and get prepared for loads and loads of accolades from all quarters. It is priced at $24.95.

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