Cheshire Cat Cake Recreates Wonderland Fantasy

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has an amazing array of fantasy characters mostly based on human nature and eccentricities. The most endearing among all of them is the Cheshire Cat, which appears and vanishes throughout Alice’s journey in Wonderland leaving its wicked grin behind.

Here is an amazing Cheshire Cat Cake which recreates a tasty slice of Wonderland for a true fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

cheshire cat cake

Creating thematic cakes is an art in itself and chocmocakes has actually baked a flawless scene from the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This Cheshire Cat Cake is simply fabulous and I am sure it must be yummy too, it will vanish in seconds just like Cheshire itself leaving the grin behind on faces of all guests.

Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic continues to live on through ages in the form of tales, anecdotes, games, movies and modern merchandise.  The creations like The Cheshire Cat cake do trigger our imagination and force us to take a trip down the rabbit hole to meet the real witty, intelligent and cryptic Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter. This cake will recreate magic of Wonderland in any party. Thanks, chocmocakes.

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