How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea

There’s nothing like a cup of tea to rev and cheer you up any time. Very few people know how to make the perfect cup of tea and what it tastes like precisely.

Callum Kenny, the designer who has conceived and created the “Perfect Cup” opines that around sixty four million cups of tea are savored and dunk every twenty four hours. But how much of care and attention ever goes into the making of all of those numerous cups of tea? It’s truly mind boggling to realize that not much care and effort is put into making this cup of tea that cheers you up endlessly, any time.

According to Kenny, four parts are essential to making a perfect cup of tea- the glass carafe, three glass temperature bulbs, the tea caddy and of course, the filter. All the above have been incorporated into his design of the” Perfect Cup.”

Kenny has utilized the principles of the Galileo thermometer wherein, each bulb displays the optimum brewing temperature. And each of the three bulbs works to display a different temperature and the person using this “Perfect Cup” can opt for the correct bulb to make the kind of tea he would love to drink. Then the tea lover or user collects his loose tea leaves, measures it from a tea caddy into a filter and observes the changing color of the water in the carafe. The water appropriately darkens to the taste and liking of the tea user and he can remove the filter and enjoy his lovely cup of tea.

Callum Kenny’s research reveals the fact that both water temperature and brew time affects the flavor of the tea. Any mistakes in these aspects and you are left with a bitter tasting cup of tea. Callum finds infinite pleasure in brewing that perfect cup of tea.  He opines that we need to rediscover for ourselves that drinking tea is indeed pleasurable and not just a habit or convenience.

Callum Kenny is an open minded designer who prefers to opt for creative and elegant solutions rather than resorting to just electronic methods. Use this amazingly creative yet scientific device to brighten up, cheer and rejuvenate yourself and your friends on cold winter evenings, sipping on those perfectly concocted cups of hot and sweet tea. Tea would always remain eternally as the cup that cheers.

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