The Pajamas Warming Pouch

Imagine tucking yourself in bed, wearing warm pajamas! And pajamas that always retain their heat? Tempted? Yes, now you can get your own uniquely heated pajama warming pouches that help you to stay warm in your night clothes, cozily warm and comfortable, night after night.

This pajama warming pouch is equipped with integrated heating elements; it also has a thermal satin interior that helps to retain heat. When the heating element reaches 118 degree F, you can take them out of the pouch and wear warm pajamas within minutes. The integrated heating element helps to maintain the temperature, regardless of what’s inside it. The unit uses up just fifty watts, which is even lesser than what light bulbs use up.

The warming pouch also accommodates hats, gloves and even towels. It can be easily folded to half its size to facilitate easy storage, even while on the move or traveling. The pajama warming pouch has a sleek and plush exterior. This is the right thing for you during these chilly winter months. They ensure that you stay warm and snug and comfy during bitter chilly nights.

The pajama warming pouch is a perfect gift for those who are required to travel extensively during the winter months too. They warm your pajamas in just ten minutes and ensure that you stay warm throughout the night, since it is designed to maintain the temperature and its energy efficient too.

If you happen to be one of those lucky ones who get to work from home, you can comfortably prowl around your home, clad in these warm pajamas. If you prefer to sleep in briefs or slinky slips, and then tuck your night clothes into this pajama warming pouch and find them well warmed for you in just ten minutes. Cold winter nights are meant to be slept right through, clad in these pajamas warmed by Hammacher Schlemmer‘s pajama warming pouch and you can be assured of being transported soon to dreamland.

Before donning your night clothes, just slip them into the thermal satin interior, button up the lid and flick on the switch. The pajama warming pouch begins its toasting effectively, so that you feel the delicious warmth when you don the pajamas.

Bid goodbye to cold and clammy night wear and make your winter nights warm and inviting by spending just ten minutes to warm up your clothes. Love yourself and get into the habit of treating yourself good this winter when you get yourself the pouch at $39.95.

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