Snuggle Up in Winter with USB Heated Blanket

The best way to enjoy winters is with hot brewed coffee, cozy blankets to hide in and long conversations with friends, but you can’t savor the flavor of this season if you end up having jittery jaws and a leaking nose. The USB Heated blanket is an innovative way to keep oneself comfortable in chilly weathers at least when around your the computer.


The blanket gets powered from the USB jack and can be spread over any area where you want to feel the warmth. It’s excellent for folks who spend a lot of time cuddling up with their mean machines. Also office heaters sometimes can’t cater to the needs of every individual so it’s best to have your arrangements. So while a nice pepped-up pullover takes care of your upper body, this heat blanket is more than happy to keep your thighs warm, leaving you comfortable enough to give peaceful working hours.


There are two USB ports, you can use one at a time for a Low temperature and plug in the second one also when the weather outside dips even more. It measures 31″ L x 17″ W and can be bought for just $24.99. What amuses me here is how a versatile technology of USB is teamed up with stuff like a heat blanket (that otherwise runs on electricity from a switchboard) to help you win over routine issues of life. For other cool USB stuff check out the Heart USB Hub, Lipstick USB Flash Drive and Slipper USB Drive.