Junk turned into a Robotic Dog Toy

Toys now a days come in a variety of forms, and since we are in the age of recycling having a toy made out of junk is a great thing. This Robotic Junkyard Dog has been made from scrap, and performs all the tricks that a normal pet dog would, it also has behavioral traits like a real dog!

robotic dog

Kids who are hyper sensitive and thus allergic to dog hair but still want a pet can have this robotic junkyard dog, it performs the function of a pet and a toy. Infrared sensors in this robotic dog helps it respond to the owner and play all sorts of tricks, it can perform a upto 80 different moves. Take a look at the video and see some for yourself….

This robotic junkyard dog is available for $99.95. You would be promoting recycling by getting this dog. Meanwhile, if you were looking at remote control toys or robots then you should also take a look at the remote control dog and the cute robot clock.